ASSIGNMENTS are posted on Parentvue and Google Classroom calendar.


MATH:  Last week we completed lessons 5, 6, and 7.  Please assist your child and see if they were able to complete these lessons. 

  • Each day they will receive one problem that they will return to me. I will count this as their classwork grade. 
  • If they do not return that question they will not receive credit for that day. They will also be expected to complete most of sections 2 and 3 from each day’s lesson as well as 60 minutes of Khan Academy each week. 
  • I will check the problems daily and Khan academy each Friday afternoon.


Please assist your child to access their Khan Academy account (invites were sent and email).  If you cannot find the email got to and  use the following class codes to joint the class.

1st period QHKWC4EM

3rd period K4ZZRR7P


SCIENCE:  There are Science workbooks available in the classroom if students want to come get one.  I will be posting assignments on Google Classroom and the lessons will be sent to their accounts in McGraw Hill.

Follow these easy instructions to access the McGraw Hill account.  Make sure students are logged into their school account before access.


I am scheduling google hangouts Mon., Wed., Fri.,  Links to the events are posted on Classroom.

  • Periods 1-2   9:30
  • Periods 3-4   10:30


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