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Math and Science

Progress Report Dates                 Report Card Dates

                       October 12                                 Nov. 30

   January 23                                              March 15

                        May 3                                  June 5


tests & quizzes 50%,  homework 30% classwork 20%


  • Students write down all homework assignments in their binder reminders Monday.  Homework is due each FRIDAY.
  • Assignments are posted  at
  • Absent students are expected to find what work they are missing and pass in assignments  the day after they return.
    • Students are expected to complete approx. 60-80 minutes of homework each week per subject.  Please contact me if there are any complications regarding hw.


  • If your child receives a progress report and is missing hw please check their binders regularly until they can complete assignments independently.


  • Students can retake Science quizzes before/after school or at recess up to two weeks of the test date.


Utilize the Homework Center:

Mon., Tues,& Thurs 3-4 P.M.

Tues. – Fri. 7:45-8:15 A.M.  (I attend Thursday A.M.)


     Dates of Outdoor Ed.   Oct. 15th (forms due today!)   Cost:   $400



  • Students have a math workbook they use in class and bring home each day.
  • Math work should be done in pencil.  
  • I give quizzes about every other week.  
  • Grades are posted on parentvue.
  • Students have the option and are encouraged to complete test corrections to earn ½ credit back on all quizzes or tests. This is mandatory for students with grades below a C.

 Test corrections have the following procedure: 1) separate sheet of paper, 2) show

     all work, 3) new, correct solution, 4) in words, either explain their error on the test or

     describe what they did differently this time).  These are due one week after the quiz.

     If a student grade is below 75% after corrections they must retake the quiz

      until they achieve a 75% or higher.



Students will develop an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills—communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving, and flexibility—that will serve them throughout their educational and professional lives.


Topics covered


Ch.11:      Ecosystems and Biomes

Ch.12:      Interactions within Ecosystems

Ch 13:      Natural Resources

Ch.14:      Human Impact on Ecosystems

Ch.1:        Energy and Change

Ch.2:        Energy Earth’s System

Ch 3:        Weather Patterns

Ch.4         Weather Fronts and Storms

Ch.6         Rocks and minerals

Ch.7:        Erosion and Deposition

Ch 8:        Plate Tectonics

Ch.9:        Earthquakes

Ch. 10:     Volcanoes



Students get their test results emailed to them.  They must write the original question with the corrected answer on a separate piece of lined paper.  Include the question number.

1 point is given for each corrected answer and added to the original test score.   

 I am available to help students most mornings after 8:00A.M. or immediately after school.