WEEKLY READING:  Make sure you are reading 75 minutes per week.  Students are expected to choose a level appropriate book. The goal is to read everyday for 15 min. or 75 minutes per week. Sign off on the weekly reading log.


Write a sentence starter from choices below. Introduce the scene with descriptions of what was happening in the story right before the scene you plan to use to highlight. A quotation that proves/supports this with an example from the scene with a properly cited (paragraph #)   example:  (36) Comment on and explain how the scene you chose demonstrates that literary device and adds value to the story.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  Look for an invitation to Google Classroom in your email.   This will show all upcoming assignments, scores and missing work.  Grades are also accessible on Parentvue.

BINDER REMINDERS:  Complete your binder reminder to keep track of assignments.  This can be used as a form of communication as well.

HOMEWORK:  There is ALWAYS homework each week and students can expect 15-60 min. each night.  If you are spending more than 60 min. please contact me. 

HELP:  Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.  Most issues are easily sorted out if communication is open.  I am available before and after school.   If students cannot complete work independently they will be expected to complete it during recess, after school, or on the weekend.  timrey@millbraesd.org

LIFE SKILLS:  At the heart of our learning is the life skills program which helps students adopt values and reflect on their own learning as well as relationships with others.  We use the acronyms B.A.R.K. (build, act, respect, know), and P.U.C.K. (patience, understanding, caring, kindness)  to help students work to their best potential.  Your help is greatly appreciated in supporting the fund that feeds raffle prizes that encourage citizenship and participation. Amazon gift cards are easiest. The raffle is held 3 times a year.

box of kleenex                            
composition notebook  (3)             
scissors/glue stick                       

Dear Taylor Community,

In the myth of the Hero’s Journey, the hero is always reluctant at first. They would have rather kept their familiar habits, but something happens which pulls them out of normal life and into an adventure. There, they will have to reckon with changes that will often be hard, but which ultimately lead them to discover new talent and power. Eventually they find their way back home, but they are changed now, with insights they could not have had without the journey.  

The hero’s journey is the story of adolescence, and more broadly of how we go through change. We’re in a time of unprecedented changes right now, and like any hero, we may feel dragged into it. But without a doubt, we’ll learn and grow from it. Students will be challenged in the weeks ahead to take on greater responsibility for their own learning, whether that’s following class lessons, taking it upon themselves to ask for help proactively, or making sure they complete assignments without being reminded. We expect it will be messy but hope that students come out with new abilities and insights as a result. 

 As with all new experiences, we expect things to evolve as we get the day-to-day operations goingl. We ask for your patience as we learn together, and for your feedback to help us hone these new systems. Here’s to learning together, and discovering one of the secrets of the hero’s journey — that it’s best done with fellow adventurers, who have the chance to grow closer through each twist and turn.


Mr. Imrey

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Frederick Douglas

Welcome back!

Greetings Taylor Community!

GOOGLE CLASSROOM  will be the primary space where assignments will be posted and documents will be shared.  

  1.  Set up a dedicated work space in your home if possible. There should be plenty of light, access to a charger, space for your laptop, binder, journal, and other materials needed.  Ideally, this is a quiet place in your home where you can work free from distractions and noise.  If you can’t find a quiet space, use headphones to listen to calming music (classical or other music without words works best!)
  2. Turn off your phone during school hours.  Fight the urge to text/social media/chat while working at home.  Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for your mood and energy.
  3. Follow the school schedule. Our minds and bodies need routines in times of change and stress.  This will also help you stay on top of your work. 
  4. Use your planner to organize your work and hold yourself accountable. Write each assignment in your planner and check it off when you complete it, even if it’s not homework.   After you accomplish a task, reward yourself with a snack break, an energizing song, or a quick dance break. Doesn’t it feel great to cross that item off your list?!
  5. Communicate with your teachers and students.  Find a “study-buddy” to help with absences or assignments and ask questions on the Google stream.

Empower yourself.  Now is the time to step up and take control of your learning.  Independence is something we all strive for and this is an opportunity for you to become a stronger, self-sufficient learner.