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  • Students arrive at each Zoom meeting 5 minutes early.
  • Students use their first and last names. (at least for now)
  • Students  have their faces exposed (i.e. not dark shadows or hoods)
  • Students are expected to respond if prompted.  
  • Students will not distract visually using their camera  (walking with video, rapid body movement, or wall paper.
  • Students will use approriate language and conduct.

Class grades      

Class participation    40%  (parents will be notified of multiple infractions)

30-40pts      Excellent

20-30pts      Good

10-20pts      Fair

0-10pts        in need of assistance


Each time a parent is contacted for multiple infractions the student will be deducted 5pts  from their grades.

Assignments             60%

All assignments are posted in Google Classroom and Parentvue.  





Norm Definition Examples
Build up others. You are in the driver’s seat and need to show up every ______ ready to_________ and make the most of your ________________. Come to class _________, ___________, and use your time ___________.
Act responsibly and support others.  Interact with peers in a way that builds their ____________and helps them to understand the content we are studying. Treat people the way you would like to be _______.  Respond when peers __________ with you.  Ask____________, rather than giving answers.  Invite peers to ________ thinking.
Realize where you are supposed to be and be ready. Show ________for yourself and  community by being where the ________is. Be here on time.  ___________ with your group.  Take on your ________with responsibility.
Know what is right by treating materials with respect. All physical ________ in the classroom needs to be treated _________. Put __________ back and_________ up your area.  

Taylor Family Guide to Online Learning


Dear Taylor Community,


In the myth of the Hero’s Journey, the hero is always reluctant at first. They would have rather kept their familiar habits, but something happens which pulls them out of normal life and into an adventure. There, they will have to reckon with changes that will often be hard, but which ultimately lead them to discover new talent and power. Eventually they find their way back home, but they are changed now, with insights they could not have had without the journey.  


The hero’s journey is the story of adolescence, and more broadly of how we go through change. We’re in a time of unprecedented changes right now, and like any hero, we may feel dragged into it. But without a doubt, we’ll learn and grow from it. Students will be challenged in the weeks ahead to take on greater responsibility for their own learning, whether that’s following class videos and materials on their own, taking it upon themselves to ask for help proactively, or making sure they call into video meetings on-time without being reminded. We expect it will be messy but hope that students come out with new abilities and insights as a result. 


 As with all new experiments, we expect things to evolve quickly and significantly as we get into day-to-day operations as an online school. We ask for your patience as we learn together, and for your feedback to help us hone these new systems. Here’s to learning together, and discovering one of the secrets of the hero’s journey — that it’s best done with fellow adventurers, who have the chance to grow closer through each twist and turn.



Mr. Imrey